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Do you sometimes wonder what you should say to prospective clients about your work or how you help people?

One way to think about this is to consider the journey your client goes on to find you.

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Anne Morrison Coaching - Creating Your Dream Private Therapy Practice

"Anne has been immensely helpful in getting me and my business in a much better position. Her advice was outstanding, and I am now seeing some very positive results from implementing the things we discussed. I whole-heartedly recommend Anne."
June Hale
Hypno/Psychotherapy Trainer

Anne Morrison Coaching - Your Private Therapy Practice

Remember how excited and enthusiastic you were when you were studying to become a therapist?

Your day-dreams about the day when you were working for yourself running a thriving therapy practice.

A dream of having a business that allows you to make a valuable contribution to society – helping people struggling to overcome obstacles, move past trauma, and live happy healthy lives.

Where you choose your hours, location, and the clients you invest your time in. You earn a good living, working with passion and purpose with predictable cash flow and a steady stream of referrals and client enquiries.

What's stopping you from getting there

         Money worries? 
The voice in your head that doesn't believe in you? 
Anne Morrison Coaching, Growing your therapy practice

Your therapy practice is a reflection of you and your values. 

Silence The Voice That Says You Can't

You can.

You have all the inner resources you need to create a flourishing private therapy practice – that provides the salary you need to support you and your family, and all the things you would like to be, have or do in your life.

All you’re missing is the support and guidance – from a fellow therapist with a thriving private therapy practice – to discover what’s holding you back.

I help you change the story and find the courage to act.
Anne Morrison Coaching for therapists

Working with me to grow your practice ...

I know how difficult it can be to grow your own business. I’ve been there. When I first started my adventure I was working full-time for a charity and saw clients at a weekend. I was lucky I was able to go part-time as an employee and saw clients on my remaining days.  I then went full-time self-employed. Balancing different demands and pulls on me was, at times, difficult.  

And then there are those nagging thoughts. You know, that little voice that’s trying to be helpful but comes up with all that 'crap' which you really don’t need to hear!

Like many, I underestimated the time it would take to get to the point where I was earning enough to have a comfortable life and have no money worries. The good news is it is possible to earn a good living working for yourself as a therapist.  

It’s sad to think that the majority of people who train as therapists don’t make it in business. Of those that do, many struggle to earn enough and eventually give up. 

I’m a supervisor for two of the therapies that I provide. One of the issues that comes up again and again is the business of therapy:

  • Getting established
  • How much to charge - your fee structure
  • Who and what issues you'll work with - finding your niche
  • Marketing and promoting your business  - where and how to get clients and referrals
  • Being true to yourself while juggling work and life
  • Looking after yourself so avoiding burnout

In response to these conversations, and others, I’m now providing coaching to purpose-driven therapists and counsellors who, just like you, who want to develop their own thriving,
therapy practice.

" I feel like I have what I needed from the sessions we have had and would like to thank you for the help you have given me. You have been so helpful."

Ann C
Counsellor and Well-being Trainer

"A thoroughly intensive and well thought out course that takes you on a journey from start to finish in developing your therapy business. It covers everything that you could possibly think of and things that you would not have thought of too. I would highly recommend this course to any new therapist wanting to step out into the world of private practice"
- Hayley McAuley, Curious Counselling

Growing Your Private Practice

My HAPPY Coaching System is specifically designed to help therapists and counsellors go from feeling stuck, overwhelmed and unfulfilled to confident, thriving and successful.

We cover seven important areas that are necessary for a successful business, and one that you are happy with.
  • We take stock of where you are in the here and now - everything from finances to mindset.
  • We look at what you are aiming for and your aspirations for your business.
  • We spend time identifying the people and problems you want to work with.
  • We look at how you are promoting and marketing your services and what might be the best options for you to focus on.
  • We work out what you need to charge to have the thriving and profitable practice and life you want.  Sometimes Imposter Syndrome raises its head at this point!
  • Without taking action nothing will happen, we will develop a workable plan for your business. 
  • We not only explore your attitudes and beliefs in relation to your business, we also make sure you are looking after yourself. You are the heart of your business. It’s fine having a thriving business but not at the expense of your own health and well being. 
When working 1:1  we may focus more on some aspects than others, depending on what you want to achieve and where you are in your business journey.

Click below and we’ll arrange to have an exploratory chat to see what you want to achieve. And if we are the right fit to get you there.
Creating your thriving therapy practice


Why the Sunflowers?
When I worked at Highland Hospice, Help the Hospices started a national fundraiser for the UK's hospices - they chose the sunflower as the symbol.  Why?  Sunflowers always follow the light.