Free resources for therapists building their therapy practice

When it comes to managing and running your therapy practice, it can sometimes feel isolating and frustrating. You love working with clients but the other 'stuff' not so much. This page has ideas and downloads that are aimed at helping you with the 'other stuff', from how you lay out your therapy room to marketing and content ideas for blogs and social media, to looking at your own personal growth and development as a therapist.

Therapy Practice Essentials will be of particular help to those at the beginning of their journey as a therapist. If you're feeling a bit 'stuck' with how to make best use of your skills and experience you might find the Zone of Excellence Skill Assessment Matrix helpful. It will help you identify where to focus your attention and what areas you might consider outsourcing.

Therapy Room Layout

Your Therapy Room Layout and Colour

If you are working in person, from a consulting room, how that room looks and feels is important. This free download will help you consider the layout of your room and the colours you use to create the right atmosphere for change to happen.

24 Ideas for Blogs and Social Media for Therapists

Creating Blogs and posts for social media to promote your therapy practice can be a chore at times. This free download provides you with 24 awareness days that you can use to inspire you.

This is so helpful - thanks so much for sharing!  - Emma Wicks

Creating a Better Me

We are all a work in progress and it's useful to take time out from the day to day running of our therapy practice to reflect on our own development as a person and a therapist. This free download will help you do that.

Therapy Practice Essentials

If you are setting up your therapy practice for the first time then this guide is essential. It will help you think through exactly what you need to consider to get it right first time. 

10 Content Ideas for Therapists Infographic

Stuck for ideas to promote your work and how you work with your therapy clients? This free infographic download will help inspire your blogs, vlogs, reels and other social media posts.

Zone of Excellence Skills Self-Assessment Matrix

This simple self-assessment matrix will help you identify your Zone of Excellence, when it comes to managing your therapy practice. Use this knowledge to help you focus on what you do best and make a choice about how you manage the rest.

Your Client Journey Infographic

Knowing the steps your client takes to eventually make an appointment with you can be useful. This Infographic can help you track that journey and plan your marketing around it. 

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