How Coaching can help Therapists Grow Their Business

More about coaching and building your therapy practice

As you may know coaching developed in the USA in the mid 70's. Psychologists began noticing that they were being asked for help by people who wouldn't normally be classed as being ill.

The idea developed and became a profession in its own right. Coaching is used by private individuals and within organizations and companies. In a work environment the focus is often on improving performance in some way.

However, it can be so much more than that.

Styles of coaching range from directive to non-directive. It depends how the coach works. Like me, many coaches trained as therapists to complement to their coaching work. This enables them to work at deeper levels to help change happen more quickly as blocks and mindsets are changed.

Working one-on-one there is more flexibility in what is addressed and when. A more personalized approach is taken to achieve your outcomes.

This process is all about you:

What you want to achieve.
What might be stopping you.
Who might help or hinder you.

You will be held to account for the actions you plan to take. You'll be encouraged and supported as you move out of your comfort zone and expand into your new life and business. You will have an impartial sounding board to bounce ideas off and be challenged to try different perspectives and approaches.

Having the committed, non-judgmental support of a coach can help you achieve your goals more easily and quickly. Stop being a fire fighter and be more focused on the things that will help you.

You might be thinking "But it's not a good time to start working with a coach. I don't have time. I'm trying to grow my business. I need all my energies to do that."

Or may be you think that it's too near Thanksgiving, Easter or Christmas. Or you are just too busy. You know you will always be able to find things that keep you busy.

Busy doesn't mean productive.
Busy doesn't mean successful.
Busy often means distracted.
Busy means feeling stressed and overwhelmed.
Busy means not having time to work on what you really want to accomplish.

Coaching can help you stay focused, it's adaptable. It helps you to take a step away from your day-to-day. It gives you time to hone your plan, to take the steps that you need to take to achieve your own thriving successful therapy practice.

To adapt a well-known quote "Coaching isn't just for Christmas, it's for life"