1:1 Coaching with Anne

Is your therapy or counselling practice where you want it to be?

When you decided to train as a therapist:

Was it to:

  • become stuck in the day-to-day struggle to grow your practice?
  • ride the rollercoaster of uncertain cashflow?
  • feel resentful of those clients you are working with because you are charging too little and don't feel valued?
  • lie awake at night worrying about where the next clients were coming from?

Sound familiar?

Sadly many therapists find themselves in this position. Not because they are bad therapists but because they are unsure of who they really want to work with.

They feel uncomfortable charging a decent amount for their life-changing therapy.  They keep going because they have a purpose to fulfil in life. They just didn’t realise it would be so hard to get there.

It’s at this stage many reach out for help.

struggling to grow your therapy practice

Imagine yourself thriving

  • Feeling fulfilled as you help your clients overcome their issues.
  • That look on their faces when they realise their old problem has gone.
  • The testimonials and referrals you receive from these satisfied clients.
  • And you are happy and confident with how you deliver your therapy and your fee structure.
  • You go home at night knowing you are doing the right thing.

There are TWO main ways in which you can work with me as your coach

There are two different 1:1 coaching packages, Citrine and Turquoise, both include Designing the Dream course. I have combined 1:1 coaching with the course as the information in the modules will be useful to support your business as a therapist. And you can refer back to the material at any time, once our coaching sessions are complete.

The coaching sessions in each can be taken over any time period, up to a year after purchase. Having been a client you can also arrange adhoc coaching sessions in the future when you want to explore new ideas or need a sounding board around a business issue.

** If you have already purchased the course through an Affiliate and wish for more support, book a chat and we can discuss your options.**


This 1:1 coaching provides 3 focused coaching sessions and the Designing the Dream course and materials. The sessions can be used whilst studying the the course or at another time on a topic you wish to cover.

Often three sessions are sufficient to work on a specific aspect of your business. Helping you identify your niche, define your brand or identifying your best network and referrals routes.

Your investment in you and your therapy practice is from £480.


This 1:1 coaching package includes 6 coaching sessions and the Designing the Dream course and materials. You can use them to help you focus on any aspect of your business either whilst working through the course or later to hone your ideas and plans.

As you have more time you can use the coaching sessions to work in more depth and on a longer timescale, for instance, implementing a new strategy or defining a new offer.

Your investment in you and the growth of your therapy business is from £810.

Payment Plans Available