Saying No Instead Of Yes

Do you wish you could be more assertive and feel better about saying no?

MP3 Summary

Do you have difficulty saying no to family and friends? Are you stressed at work because you have too much to do? Do you wish you could be more assertive and feel better about saying No? This audio is designed to help you think differently about what it means for you to say No instead of Yes. It helps you consider your thoughts and worries about what you think will happen if you say No. And to explore what could happen to you if you keep on saying yes to things and people when you’d really rather say no. The first part asks you to work through some of your concerns and worries about saying No. Saying No Instead of Yes to Family and Friends explores your worries and concerns about saying No in this context and asks you some questions to think about before you listen to the guided visualisation, Saying No. Saying No Instead of Yes at Work, encourages you to consider your attitudes to work and again you are asked a series of questions to consider before you listen to the guided visualisation, Saying No. In both recordings we explore what your expectations are and how you can set and keep boundaries so that you look after yourself whilst still helping others. Saying No, the guided visualisation encourages you to mentally rehearse places and situations where you do say No and to think about times when you could say No Instead of Yes. This helps you learn to say no and be more comfortable with it. There two other tracks, The Secret Garden and The Bridge which can be used to help you relax and let go of worries and concerns. They can be used at any time. You will need pen and paper, laptop or pc to capture your thoughts as you work through the first part of this audio.


Course Curriculum

Anne Morrison

I have been working with people to help them manage their minds and change their feelings since 2002. I first qualified as a coach, then as a master NLP practitioner and subsequently trained as clinical and cognitive behaviour hypnotherapist. I am a supervisor for hypnotherapy and a supervisor and examiner for Brainworking Recursive Therapy (BWRT), a relatively new therapeutic process developed by Terence Watts. 

I work with women and men who are experiencing anxiety, stress, panic attacks or fears of one sort or another. 

I am able to bring a wide range of techniques to help you make the changes you want to make. When we work together my aim is to help you achieve your goal for your therapy. I am a full member of the British Society of Clinical Hypnosis and a registered practitioner with the General Hypnotherapy Register. I abide by the codes of conduct of these organisations.

I also coach and mentor other women therapists helping them grow their own successful private therapy practices through my seven-step process The HAPPY Practice System. This includes

  • Reviewing their current status
  • Identifying who they want to work with
  • Building up referrals from clients
  • Creating leverage through other networks
  • Finding the promotion channels that suit them
  • Making their therapy practice profitable
  • Developing and implementing simple planning and to self-management tools
  • Working on their mindset to help them establish themselves as successful therapists with a thriving therapy private practice

Being a self-employed therapist growing your own private therapy practice can take time and we can get lost and feel overwhelmed. Working with me will help keep you on track, focused and thriving.

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