Stickability and your success as a therapist

As a therapist, what beliefs and influences drive your behaviours and attitudes when it comes to running and managing your own therapy business?

What Beliefs and Influences Drive Your Behaviour?

“Anne needs a bomb put under her”

A teacher wrote this in my school report when I was about 9 years old. At the time I remember my mum and I laughing about it.

In some ways it was true, I did need a 'push' to do things. In hindsight, I recognise that, usually, those were things that didn’t really interest me!

What Was Said About You

That Affects Your Therapy Business?

That got me thinking about what was said about you when you were growing up and how do they relate to the adult you and your therapy business?

Was it “She’s bright?” “She’s good at sport?”, “She’ll go far?” or something else?

Over the years I recognise, that for me, it’s not so much a kick that's needed, it is the ability to stick with something till it’s finished. Being able to apply yourself even when you don’t particularly feel like it.

As Robert Collier, Author, says

“Success is the sum of small efforts - repeated day in and day out”

For me ‘slow and steady wins the race’. I now recognise that being a ‘finisher’ is not my natural way of being. I would say I am, naturally, more of a starter and have developed the ability to complete and finish things.

Desire isn't enough when it comes

to growing your therapy practice

It is great to have the desire to have a thriving therapy practice. It’s another matter to put in the, sometimes, hard slog that will achieve that for you. In a way the easy bit is getting trained. The tough bit can be getting your practice off the ground and building your reputation and credibility. 

Coaching For Business Success

Some new therapists are fine growing their business on their own. Many will work with a coach to help them stay on track and focused on developing their therapy practice. Others will find an online course that can provide information and guidance as to the process and actions they can follow to help them achieve their successful therapy practice.

My course, Designing the Dream provides a structured approach to building your therapy practice which will help you grow your practice if you take action.

If, like me, you are, at times a starter not a completer, combining the online course with three months of 1:1 coaching will help ensure you finish the course and implement your plan.  Getting the best of both worlds :)

The course is officially launched on Monday 18th July, our 42nd Wedding Anniversary. Follow this link to register and ensure you receive this discount.

PS. Yes, that is me in the photo!

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