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Procrastination self-employed therapist | Avoiding procrastination as a therapist will help you be successful in business. Consistent actions and ...

How to avoid procrastination as a self-employed therapist

The truth is that being a self-employed therapist is a lot of hard work. We can all end up procrastinating. Particularly when it comes to the non-client aspects of running our therapy practices. 

Avoiding and delaying things like marketing or financial planning increases the pressure you can experience as a therapist. Especially if you are just starting out.

Often it can seem to others that you “have it all”. You have your own schedule. Can do what you want when you want. But when things get too much we can start to procrastinate and that can take a toll on your mental health.

8 Tips to Help You Beat Procrastination

As therapists, we want to help others. It’s one of the things that drives us. Unfortunately, it can also be the reason why we find ourselves saying 'yes' to too many client sessions and then feeling overwhelmed. 

Overwhelm then lead us to procrastinate not only on business-related activities but in our life outside of the consulting room.

The following tips are designed to help you overcome procrastination and achieve more success in your therapy practice and keep a balance in your life.

1. Determine the root of the problem

2. Be aware of your triggers for procrastination

3. Break down big projects into smaller tasks

4. Create a plan for how to get started on a task

5. Reward yourself for completing tasks

6. Break up long-term goals into manageable steps

7. Set deadlines for yourself and keep them

8. Make sure you are not overbooking yourself with commitments and responsibilities

Self-employed therapist - Support for your business

If you find it difficult to make time to balance your work and life then you might find my course, Designing the Dream, helpful. Over the modules of the course you go from assessing where you are now to devising an action plan that will help you manage any tendencies to procrastinate, feel more confident and in control of your business and your life.

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