Business Support For Therapists

Many think of business support for therapists, as outsourcing to a virtual assistant. A coach provides a different form of support to you as you grow.

Business Support for Therapists

When you think of business support for therapists what comes to mind? Employing a virtual assistant or something else? Whilst there are many benefits in outsourcing work to a virtual assistant or VA, as a business owner and therapist you might well need a different type of business support. That of working with a coach or mentor who can support you as you develop and grow your therapy business.

So how can a coach help you as a therapist with your business? That’s a broad question as there are many ways in which coaches can support a therapist grow their business.

There are two strands to how I support therapists with their business.

Business Course for Therapists – Online Course

The first is through my online course Designing the Dream. This six-module, comprehensive, business course covers everything from your finances to promoting your business to planning and time management. It’s been accredited for continuing professional development by the APHP for its members and graduates.

You can work through this course in your own time and it can be completed in 15 weeks. By the end, you will know your business inside out and have refined and defined many of the ways in which you structure and manage your therapy practice. And learned some new ways of thinking about you and your therapy business too.


You can work through Module 0, Module 1, and the first two sections of Module 2 without paying a penny. I want you to experience and gain some benefit before deciding if it’s right for you or not.

Module 1 spends time helping you gain an understanding of where your business is now and your current business and life financial situation. Some therapists find working on their finances a bit scary and are afraid of working on the ‘money’ side of things. However, If you don’t know this you can’t really gain a true understanding of what you are going to charge or how you might package your services which is covered in more detail in Module 3.

“I found this course helpful on so many levels. It helped me to further establish my 'vision' for my business, including whom I wanted to work with and why; clarify my 'message'; as well as how to promote my business and find clients - amongst many other skills acquired" Emma Wicks

Individual Coaching to Support Your Business

The second strand of my business support for therapists is one-to-one coaching and mentoring. One-to-one coaching enables you to take a step back from your therapy practice and work on your business. These are just some aspects we might work on:

  • Your mindset about promoting and ‘selling’ your services

  • The practicalities of promoting your business

  • Finding referrals and networking

  • Your money mindset

  • Managing your time and boundaries

  • Underlying beliefs about success and failure

  • Preventing burnout


Often the greatest difficulties we face when starting or running our therapy businesses are our own negative self-talk and limiting beliefs. Just because we’ve trained in psychotherapy, hypnosis or counselling doesn’t mean we’re immune to doubts about our abilities or feeling an imposter.

Having a coach in your ‘corner’ means there is someone ‘rooting’ for you. Someone who doesn’t see you as something else, such as a friend or partner. Someone who will challenge and question and also be non-judgemental and supportive.

"Anne has been immensely helpful in getting me and my business in a much better position. Her advice was outstanding, and I am now seeing some very positive results from implementing the things we discussed. I whole-heartedly recommend Anne." June Hale

Support Your Therapy Business

I offer two different 1:1 coaching packages, Citrine and Turquoise, both include Designing the Dream. I have combined 1:1 coaching with the course as the information in the modules will be useful to support your business as a therapist. And you can refer back to the material at any time, once our coaching sessions are complete. The coaching sessions in each can be taken over any time period, up to a year after purchase. Having been a client you can also arrange adhoc coaching sessions in the future when you want to explore new ideas or need a sounding board around a business issue.

If you’d like to discuss how coaching could support you in your business as a therapist, arrange a 30-minute Fact Finding chat with me to discuss you and your success in business as a therapist.

To Your Therapy Practice Success.

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