Action Plan For Therapists

Action Plan For Therapists | Your business planning needs to work for you as a therapist. Module 5 of Designing the Dream Course includes planning ...

Action Plan For Therapists

Action Plan for Therapists - Did you know that project planning and scheduling your tasks saves time and money. Without them, you wouldn’t have a clear direction.

Make an Action Plan that Actually Works For You

Organising your tasks may seem like a waste of time, but it actually saves you time in the long run. As a self-employed therapist it’s even more important to have a plan of action, without action plans and schedules, many would be lost.

It's hard to keep track of what needs to be done when you have a lot on your plate. When we plan ahead, we can make sure that our goals are met by staying on track with the tasks we set out to do. And it stops you double booking a client session!

What is an Action Plan?

It might seem an obvious question. An action plan is a document that outlines all the steps needed to complete a task, project, or goal. It helps you stay focused and organised and keeps the process moving forward.

A good action plan should include all the necessary steps for completing the task, as well as deadlines and any other relevant information.

The first step in making an action plan is to identify what needs to be completed. Next, break down each step into smaller tasks that can be accomplished within a reasonable time frame. Finally, assign deadlines for each of the tasks and create a timeline of when they will be completed.

You might have longer term goals, 3 - 5 years or longer, however it’s the daily and weekly actions that will enable you to achieve them.

Action Plan for Therapists

Module 5 - Designing the Dream covers planning your therapy practice growth

In my course, Designing the Dream, Module 5 is about Mapping Your Month.

We spend time looking at different planning and time management techniques that might be of help. And look at things you might include in your action plan and how you can measure its success. 

Even though you have a structure to your week because of client sessions you still have other things to make time for. An action plan helps you do this.

What should I use to help me schedule my activities?

There are many different methods you can use. A simple calendar, whether that’s Google, Outlook or a paper-based diary is a good place to start. So long as you have your key tasks and events in place you can then plan other things around them.

You can use different colours to identify different activities. That’s fairly easy using an online calendar however a highlighter pen works well in a paper-based planner.

There is no one right way to plan or organise your day. Some people like to put almost every activity down so they have a very structured plan. Others have the key activities written down and ‘wing’ the smaller things. Others take a more relaxed view and only note a few main things in a diary or calendar or post-it note!

Remember what might work for someone else may not work for you. Find a planning method that works to help you achieve your goals for your therapy practice.

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